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Our Pastor

Pastor Aaron Thompson was born and raised just across the bridge in Portland, OR. He did not grow up in a christian home but was exposed to various religious beliefs. At the age of 25 a Soulwinner  showed Pastor Thompson the Gospel from the King James Bible and he called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved.  Pastor Thompson attended various Baptist churches after getting saved until 2016 when he was asked to be the leader of the Vancouver, WA satellite ministry of Verity Baptist Church. He served as the satellite leader faithfully and was ordained by Pastor Roger Jimenez as the Pastor of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in July of 2018. Pastor Thompson is married to his wife, Sherry, and they have Four Children; Remy, Nia, Jassamayn, and Josh, all of whom faithfully serve in the church. If you have questions or comments for Pastor Thompson you can email him here.

Our Story
Sure Foundation Baptist Church UK started as a group of Soulwinners from the South East of England that were regularly meeting up for Soulwinning Marathons whilst still attending their various Baptist Churches. The marathons eventually turned into monthly meetings with fellowship and preaching, being led by Brother Ian Taverner. Knowing how desperate the UK is for real Soulwinning, King James Bible Only, Hard Preaching, Uncompromising Churches, Pastor Aaron Thompson from Sure Foundation Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA started preparing the group to become one of his Satellite Ministries. In January 2021 the group started meeting weekly on Saturdays and then in February 2021 they started their first Sunday services as Sure Foundation Baptist Church UK with brother Ian Taverner as the Satellite Leader.

Our Leader

Evangelist Ian Taverner grew up in a home with Christian values but wasn’t saved until the age of 32. It was then that he heard an online gospel presentation and called upon the name of the Lord. Soon after, Ian started the search for good churches in the UK and after attending a few different ones he decided to get involved with a group of Soulwinners that came from all over the UK. He continued to attend church whilst meeting at various Soulwinning marathons and in January 2021 he started training to be the leader of the Satellite Ministry of SFBC. Ian was ordained Evangelist September 19th, 2021 by Pastor Thompson. Ian is married to his wife Lisa and they have five children, Ella, Jack, Grace, Charles and James. If you have any questions or comments for Ian you can email him here.

What to Expect

At Sure Foundation Baptist Church UK, we believe in going back to the old paths. We sing classic doctrinally sound hymns, we believe the King James Bible is the Word of God, and we aren’t afraid to preach hard on sin. All of our  services are family-integrated, meaning children and infants are always welcome in the service. We have a Mother-baby room available should you need a more private area for yourself and the children. Each room has a monitor and sound so you are still able to enjoy the service.

Our church takes joy in fellowship with fellow believers, whether that be before and after services or enjoying a meal together, you will find the congregation and leadership to be warm and welcoming. In addition to our scheduled services we hold additional activities regularly including homeschooling field trips, men’s fellowship, women’s fellowship, and men’s preaching nights. For more information about upcoming events and activities please contact us.

Service Times

Sunday Morning Service:              10:30 AM

Sunday Evening Service:              4:00 PM

Wednesday Evening Service:     7:00 PM

Our Location

252-254 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, SS07JG